Today, you don’t have to be a security expert to protect your data locally and in the cloud Work and share with complete peace of mind.

Find out how you can securely send sensitive data

in just a few minutes,

without any technical expertise

Fichier chiffré

Non-encrypted file


Secure data



Encrypted file


the cloud, a source of stress

The cloud is extremely useful for working together and sharing business information.

However, users are often doubtful and anxious about the confidentiality and security of data stored in the cloud...




The estimated annual cost of attacks to the global economy

— Allianz Global Corporate report



Nearly 90% of people are worried about possible data loss or security breaches in cloud environments



83% of companies using the cloud have suffered at least one security incident


Disturbing, isn't it?

Leading to

Data loss

Unsecured infrastructures

Loss of data control

No longer need you fear

data sharing in the cloud

Here are two methods that require no technical expertise.

Data leaks

Unauthorised data access

CLOUD ACT (data extraction)

Easy encryption is possible!

We will show you how a recently created document can be quickly protected in two easy steps

Step 1


your data

Two fast,

easy methods


To be efficient, encryption needs to be simple and easy for users. The aim is to minimise handling.

B. Or place your document in the synchroniser folder.

Le fichier est automatiquement chiffré en temps réel et aussitôt disponible pour vos collaborateurs

A. Right-click and select

"Encrypt the document"

Then all you do is send it to your contact(s).


This is how

Your document is encrypted.

Now you can send it.


How it works

Non-encrypted file

This content can be read by anybody authorised to access the document

Encrypted file

Anybody accessing the document without authorisation will see this content. Totally illegible

Step 2

agnostic encryption

For the file to be accessible to employees, the encryption must be assured regardless of the platform. That way you can be sure that your file will stay protected.

Agnostique  \a.ɡnɔs.tik\

(computing) unaware or non-committal regarding the specific nature of the components with which it interacts


— Wiktionnaire

No need to depend on the shared platform...

 ...or the terminal

Step 3


from any terminal

Your data remains accessible whatever the environment (Apple, Android, Windows).

You no longer depend on the proprietary encryption solution of the terminal environment. No complex management linked to the tools.




to access data in the encrypted file





to access data in the encrypted file





to access data in the encrypted file



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